The program is $ 18.00 U.S. an hour. We suggest at least 3 hours a day for the students to benefit from their stay here. Each four week course costs $ 720.00 U.S. There is a $ 25.00 deposit fee. (non-refundable but applicable toward course fees).
Classroom rentals and special group rates available.
The Institute accepts high school students and adults.


We start courses every monday all year long. We can adapt a course to your personal schedule.


Homestays including three meals per day, sheets, and towels, can be arranged by the Institute at an approximate cost of US $ 15 per day. There are also a number of inexpensive hotels in Mérida, as well as apartaments and boarding rooms.

Medical services

Students should provide their medical insurance with full coverage for the duration of their stay in Mexico. Staff members will refer those in need of medical assistance to local hospital and clinics